• Spacez52

    To do list

    March 7, 2016 by Spacez52

    • Fixed Magic Cards main page SR and Rare cards.
    • Fixed Magic Cards individual pages for existing (pre 1.0.6) SR and Rare cards.
    • Removed Oil Spill and Barrier Breaker pages
    • Added Red to main Heroes page, BattleHand Wikia page, and Navigation bar (had to separate heroes and make their own part of the nav bar to accommodate more than 10 heroes)
    • Started Red's page (still needs updates for Neutral 1.0.6 cards like all other Skill Heroes)
    • Updated each Hero's page with new Fame cap (40) and maxed Traits, and Active/Passive abilities. 

    • Add pages for new cards when released (include March 2016 set category)
    • Change names on cards renamed in 1.0.6
    • Add new cards to main category pages (Magic Cards, Might, and Skill)
    • Add new cards to lists on Hero pages
    • Update Kin…

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