Kings Arena

King's Arena is a weekly matchup where players can win new Battle Cards (the main reward is either a Rare or Super Rare Battle Card), Booster Cards, Evo Jars, Arena/Dungeon Keys, and Fame. Players are matched up against other players in a 2 vs 2 hero matchup. The opponent's heroes are controlled by the AI meaning that the matches are not real-time. Each Arena is available for 6 days starting 12 AM GMT Thursday morning or 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT Wednesday night. After the conclusion of the event there is a one day break in which the next arena is advertised but no arena matches can be played. King's Arena is unlocked at Fame 6.

Past King's Arenas

All Arena start dates are provided using 7 PM ET on Wednesday night as the start time.

Arena Name

Main Battle

Card Reward

Secondary Battle

Card Reward



Shock Drop Shocking Sword Shadow Missile 01/06/16
From the Deep Meditation Gale Dart 01/13/16
Spiritual Successors Blinding Spirit Spikey Shield 01/20/16
Gifts from Above Hammer Of God Drizzle Dagger 01/27/16
Hidden Booty Diverting Dart Shadow Missile 02/03/16
Safety First Safeguard Gale Dart 02/10/16
Sunken Treasure Tidal Kick Spikey Shield 02/17/16
Spirit Level Flared Up Drizzle Dagger 02/24/16
Gifts from Above1 Hammer Of God Water Shield 03/02/16
? ? ? 03/??/16
  1. The Gifts from Above Arena that began on 03/02/16 only ran for 5 days, instead of the usual 6 days.

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