Kings Arena

King's Arena is a weekly match-up where players can win various rewards including powerful Battle Cards. Players are matched up against other players in a 2 vs 2 hero duels. The opponent's heroes are controlled by the AI meaning that the matches are not real-time Player vs Player (PvP) matchups.

For each battle, players are able to choose from 3 different sets of 2 heroes to play against in order to earn points. The 3 sets of heroes are worth 5, 8, and 12 points if you win against them. There is also a winning streak that is recorded to give a increasing amount bonus points for each consecutive win. Each win adds 1 point to the win streak bonus, and all bonus points are lost after losing a match or if the win streak timer expires. Each win restarts the win streak timer at approximately 6 minutes.

Arena matchmaking uses a complex ELO ranking system. The 5, 8, and 12 point matchups are supposed to be players with a lower, equal, and higher ELO that yourself. In the current system it is possible to run out of 12 point matches by raising your ELO. Losing to hard (12 point) matchups will lower your ELO less than losing to easy (5 point) matchups. If you lower your ELO enough 12 point matches will reappear.

Each King's Arena is available for 6 days and 23 hours starting 1 AM GMT Tuesday morning or 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT Monday night. After the conclusion of the event there is a one hour break in which the next arena is advertised but no arena matches can be played. King's Arena is unlocked at Fame 6.


During each season of King's Arena there are two sets of rewards that are offered to players based on how many points they earn and how they place compared to other players.

Arena Rewards

General arena rewards range from 5 to 785 points and usually include at least 1 Rare Battle Card

Tournament Rewards

In the King's Arena your amount of points earned are compared against other players and ranked.

Horse Mucker49001+10 Gems
Stable Boy49000 - 2900120 Gems
Sword Polisher29000 - 1900130 Gems
Challenger19000 - 1200150 Gems, 2 Common Booster Cards, Uncommon Battle Card
Squire12000 - 7501100 Gems, 2 Common Booster Cards, Uncommon Battle Card
Knight7500 - 4501150 Gems, 4 Common Booster Cards, Uncommon Battle Card
Crusader4500 - 2501200 Gems, 2 Uncommon Booster Cards, Uncommon Battle Card
Duelist2500 - 1251250 Gems, 4 Uncommon Booster Cards, Rare Battle Card
Gladiator1250 - 501300 Gems, 6 Uncommon Booster Cards, Rare Battle Card
CardMaster500 - 151350 Gems, 4 Rare Booster Cards, Rare Battle Card
Champion150 - 26400 Gems, 6 Rare Booster Cards, Rare Battle Card
Conqueror25 - 4500 Gems, 8 Rare Booster Cards, Super Rare Battle Card
Vanquisher3750 Gems, 6 Super Rare Booster Cards, Super Rare Battle Card
BattleMaster21250 Gems, 8 Super Rare Booster Cards, Super Rare Battle Card
DeathBringer12500 Gems, 10 Super Rare Booster Cards, Super Rare Battle Card

Past Rewards

Name Start Date Tournament Cards Arena Cards
Super RareRareUncommonRareUncommon
Acid Splash04/30/16Acid SplashPoisonous TipEarthen RemedyPoison GrenadeSeptic Tip
Yin & Yang04/19/16Channeling Chi??????Wet MissleChill Club
Red or Dead04/12/16Quad Slash??????Blinding FlameCombustible Bag
Lighting Strike04/5/16Lightning Strike??????QuartzstoneMulti-Pins
Nightmare03/29/16Nightmare??????Leech BoomerangEnshroud Party
Bunny Bonanza03/22/16Fuming Bunny??????Oil BagDazzling Flame
Vine Wrap03/15/16Vine Wrap??????Diverting TipDazed Earth
???03/7/16?Deep Breath????????????

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