Currently there are 13 Heroes in the game who are designated with an Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit, Water) and a class (Magic, Skill, Might). New Heroes are recruited in the Hero Tavern. The first new Hero added since launch was Red, she became available with update 1.0.7. Followed by Thrudd, who was added in update 1.0.9.

Monty Bree Brom Jinx Logan
New Monty
New Bree
New Brom
New Jinx
New Logan
Fire Earth Air Spirit Water
Magic Skill Might Skill Magic
Fergus Trix Hawkeye Krell Gilda
New Fergus
New Trix
New Hawkeye
New Krell
New Gilda
Fire Earth Air Spirit Water
Might Magic Skill Magic Might
Red Thrudd Peg
Fire Earth Water
Skill Might Skill