In the Apothecary, the Artisan will gather your Material Jars and combine them to EVOLVE your MAXED cards. You can train the artisan to reach better evolution levels.
Artisan Level 1 2 3 4
Max EVO Level 1 2 3 4
Training Cost (Gold) None 50,000 120,000 300,000
Fame Required Level 8 Level 16 Level 25 Level 35


The crafting system was introduced in update 1.2.4. With the new Crafting system, you are now able to craft Wildcards of all rarities, however, Common Wildcards are the only exception.

Common Battle cards or Wildcards can be used to craft Uncommon Wildcards. Uncommon Battle cards or Wildcards can be used to craft Rare Wildcards. Rare Battle cards or Wildcards can be used to craft Super Rare Wildcards. The cost varies depending on the rarity of the Wildcard.

Uncommon Wildcards = 2 x Common cards/ Wildcards & 5,000 Gold

Rare Wildcards = 4 x Uncommon cards/ Wildcards & 50,000 Gold

Super Wildcards = 8 x Rare cards/ Wildcards, 150 Gems & 150,000 Gold

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